We are a full-service Flooring Retailer with a Store and Showroom. We display Hardwood Flooring, Cork Flooring, LVT Flooring, & Carpet. We Install all Flooring and Refinish Hardwood with any Finish, we Specialize in Pure Oil Finishes and Woca Oil is the Best!


45 years’ experience of Hardwood Flooring Installation, Hardwood Refinishing, & all Other Types of Flooring Installations, Located in Novato Ca. Servicing Marin County, and all Bay area counties. "Service is Paramount and we do it the Old Fashioned way with Pride!"

"Marin County Flooring Retailer with a Store and Showroom, we offer Material Sales, Hardwood Installation, Hardwood Refinishing, all Flooring Installations, & we will Install you own Flooring also. Servicing the Entire Bay Area with Pride for over 45 years!"

In our showroom we display carpet, cork, luxury vinyl tile, and more. 

Our hardwood flooring installers do exceptional work as all our reviews Indicate! Contact us in Novato (formerly in San Rafael) Bel Marin Keys, 415 453 4500 for a free in home estimate!

Hardwood flooring Installed, Sanded and Finished is the absolute best way for Installation of Hardwood Flooring. Woca Oil Finish is the best way to insure your hardwood will keep its beauty longer by not showing damage than using a urethane finish that shows everything. Woca Oil will allow you to manage your Hardwood Flooring on your own with their maintenance products & procedures, whereas Urethane will not allow this because it gets scratched and etched like a glass top because it is a topical plastic finish, whereas Woca Oil is a penetrating oil finish with penetration deeper into the Hardwood. Woca Oil finish can be spot treated for damage or stains by you the homeowner, with urethane you will need a professional costing you money over and over! 

You may have possibly been told elsewhere, that Woca Oil finish is a nightmare to maintain, this is not true.

Woca oil Finish is used in the highest traffic conditions like COPENHAGEN AIRPORT for a reason, it is manageable and will not show the damage like urethane a shiny reflective plastic coating will positively show. An airport can’t afford to have a scratched-up Hardwood Floor that's unsightly, and can’t afford to close its terminals to re-coat with urethane, over and over, that’s why Woca Oil is the best finish for all uses and it is VOC free.

We offer installation of all flooring materials and we have a showroom displaying all types of flooring options.
We will also measure for material purchase only insuring you receive exactly what you need to complete your project on time without any delays!

Hardwood Flooring, Carpet, Cork, Laminate, LVT Water Proof Flooring.

Our Flooring Showroom in Novato Marin County CA, (formerly in San Rafael) offers hardwood and all flooring products, sales, installation and hardwood refinishing, at the best prices Guaranteed. Visit our flooring showroom, for all your flooring and hardwood needs. Contact us for more details. We have over 45 years of extensive knowledge of all types of floor coverings and all applications so we will be able to answer all your questions and address any concerns you present. Call us today for the best Service, Pricing, and all types of flooring options and installation. We have a hardwood & flooring showroom. Servicing the entire Bay Area.