After researching many hardwood floor vendors to replacement our damaged teak parquet floor, we decided to work with Floor Coverings of Marin. The owner Michel we found to be a passionate wood enthusiast, with a wealth of knowledge and skill. After consulting with him several times he knew what we wanted to achieve and he and his team delivered. We have a California Coastal home with high ceilings and an open floor plan with and views of the bay. Originally we selected a Montage Laurel Milano engineering hardwood floor to compliment our modern kitchen and accompanying living space renovation. When the wood arrived there was a problem with the product; the edges were discolored which would require refinishing them before installation. The distributor/manufacturer suggested that we re-stain the damaged area to make them look whiter and match the rest of the boards, which seemed ridiculous request for a new product. We loved the white wash finish of the wood, and did not want to select another brand so Michel/Floor Coverings of Marin called additional distributors to see if we could find an undamaged batch. He was able to find additional product, but after asking them to do quality check the new boards before shipping them it was found they too were damaged. After further effort and investigation we were informed that the manufacturer had decided to recall all existing stock of white wash Montage Laurel Milano. It was very disappointing information to say the least after all the effort made.

At this point we had become a bit desperate since the delay in having our hardwood floors in place could potentially delay the completion of our entire renovation. Michel/Floor Coverings of Marin jumped into action, offering variety of solutions to keep the project on track. One of his ideas (all of which maintained the quality we required) suggested that we purchase raw hardwood and have his team finish the solid wood boards by hand to match the finish of the engineered wood we had originally selected. He diligently contacted all of his distributors and was able to acquire the needed square footage required for our space. And just like that from disaster to dream home, we now have a brand new white wash hardwood floor. The crew’s work from start to finish was outstanding; the floor is incredibly smooth and feels as if you are walking on silk. We now prefer to walk barefoot on our hardwood floor to enjoy the smooth warm finish.

Michel/Floor Coverings of Marin employees are clearly gifted craftsman. They are extremely detailed and have understood the nuances of how woods work. Their quest for perfection are clear to see in the final results. We are extremely happy with our floor and thoroughly enjoying the beauty it was added to our home. We feel so fortunate/thankful we were able to work with Michel/Floor Coverings of Marin and his team. We can not wait for them to replace our carpet downstairs with hardwood floor for the second phase renovation.

Thank you Michel, for coming to our rescue with your passion and creativity. You are without a doubt a passionate craftsman and a man of unquestionable professionalism and integrity. We look forward to working with you again.


December 1, 2014