This review is for an install that Michel provided November of 2018. My only regret is not writing this review sooner. One year on from the install and we couldn’t be happier with the flooring. Michel and his crew were the most knowledgeable wood flooring specialists and installers I have met. I called Michel initially about installing wood flooring and then finishing with WOCA oil. He drove all of the way down to the peninsula and provided a thorough estimate, even measured all of the closets (to my embarrassment). He recommended different options for replacing our stair treads and fixing some height differences with the risers. I decided that I wanted to install a prefinished wood flooring from Boen Floors instead and Michel was the only provider who could order the flooring for me at a reasonable price. He did a great job and was able to order all of the flooring, adhesive, stair risers, treads, bullnose trim and transitions at one time.

The arrival of all the materials coincided with the arrival of our third child but Michel and his team were on it. They took care of everything from off loading the trucks to storing the materials properly even brought our Amazon packages inside when they arrived. They really were great. His team, led by Jorge, installed a new subfloor upstairs which really makes our house seem quieter and more solid. Jorge is a true craftsman and made every cut look professional. I had to travel back and forth from our house to the hospital during the install, but Michel made sure his team worked extra hard to finish up the install before we came home with the new baby. They stayed in touch with us frequently, it was such a relief to not have to worry about the flooring with so much else going on. I wish there were more professionals like Michel and Jorge.

Benjamin Biroschak

March 25, 2020